Faulty sony hs10


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I have just had my hs10 and it appears to be faulty, it switches the lamp off after approx 30 mins and I have to wait until it switches to standby before switching on again. Then after 30 mins it does it again, so far it has done this 5 times. When it switches the lamp off the yellow led lamp/cover is lit, looked in the handbook and it suggests that is lit when lamp needs replacing.
I have heard that there was a lamp bug which had been cleared could it be that the hs10 has this bug?
Any suggestions anyone?
I wish I had gone for the Sanyo now! :rolleyes:


Could be the HS10 is sensitive to temperature. The AVS forum has reports of a similar problem that has been ascribed to blocking the air intake at the base of the unit. I have had the cut-out happen to me a few times but never for very long and it may have been due to running the machine on a table in front of a radiator. Mind you Moulin Rouge and some DTV was watched last night with no probs.


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Gul, I thought it could be temp prob but there is a separate temperature led I would have thought that led would have lit up if it was temperature problem.
Did you get the yellow lamp/cover led lit when the lamp cut off.
Also is the sony sensitive to the base ventilation, I thought it would have been to the front intake & out fans, not the base.


Yes - it was the lamp/cover light flashing that indicates, cf manual p52, that the airfilter or lamp cover needs to be secured. And again, I had a look at the bottom of the unit and I reckon you're right - doesn't look like much air goes in that way. We'll see - I have had the machine over a week but not had time to put too many hours on it yet. If I keep getting this prob I'll take a look at the respective assemblies but as yet I am not too worried.

What do you think of the noise level ? The HS10 is the first pj I have owned but I was surprised at how much sound it makes. But that's my only gripe. Yet even this is more than outweighed by its plus points.


The air filter is sited in the base of the HS-10, so all "filtered" air entering the unit does so from the base.

AFAIK there are 4 fans in the HS-10 (without opening the unit). I've seen 4 "triple" cables leaving the main PCB (red/yellow & black - typical colours for fan/speed sensing on PC cooling fans).

My HS-10 did shut down twice while table mounted in a warm room, but hasn't since "wall/inverted" mounting. Ran > 7hours like this without a problem.

It did become noticeably louder though during this time.

It seems VERY sensitive to ambient/room temperature.

Earlier, on startup it was quite unobstusive, with room temp @ approx 19.5c. But later, with room temp at > 22c it was far louder.

VERY loud in fact. So the HS-10 has VERY acurate temp monitoring. Good for unit/bulb longevity, but definitely detrimental to Sony's claimed 30/33db noise output.

Only 2 gripes (well 3 actually) I have with the HS-10 are:

1. Noise levels
2. Black levels
3. Inability to remove the "black overscan/frame" using DVI via HTPC.

1 & 2 I think can be improved (resiteing the unit/fitting a CC40R filter.

3 may be more difficult - & will, IMO, require input/assistance from Sony - maybe a firmware update. This "border" is also clearly visible using the onboard "MS (memory stick)" function.

It's amazing how Sony think enough air can enter the unit from the "tiny" vents in the base - just over the air filter :eek:

There's a 92mm exhaust fan for God's sake on the front - how can slots of miniscule proportions + a restrictive filter even begin to supply enough air :confused:

Time for bed!


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I also think the noise level is too high. I was thinking of returning the hs10 back, but last night it stayed working for nearly 4 hours continous in a different location/position with the angle adjuster at max giving more air intake space at the base of the hs10.
Also I have not taken off the front cover to put on the supplied filter, is it worth trying?
I have not looked at all the adjustments but is it worth having cinema black on to extend the lamp life, am I right in thinking Dynamic mode will shorten lamp life.
I have not gone down the PC route yet but I think I need a beginers guide to that first.

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