faulty screen on toshiba 36zp48


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I received my tv last thursday from a local company in brighton.as first glance everything was ok but when i looked close at the screen i noticed a small air bubble in the glass,just above the toshiba badge and to the right.the problem is as the picture gets bright it reflects light through the bubble which shows up as a white dot.do i complain to the dealer or to toshiba and has anyone got the small problem.thanks for any advise in advance.

John Simon

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Time is of the essence, if you cannot live with this reject it in the morning, in the first instance speak to the retailer, keep a record of all corresponce/conversations dates times, do not be fobbed off.


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I had one HQ100 with a "dead" pixel (actually some debris inside the CRT) You could see it on white scenes,once you see something like this no matter how small you can't stop looking at it! Reject the TV,if they say there is nothing wrong with it they won't have a problem taking it back will they :smashin:

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