Faulty Samsung LE37B650 going in for out of warranty check - what happens?


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Our Samsung LE37B650 is just over a year old (bought last March, 2010).

It has developed a 2"x1" set of lines on the left-middle of the screen and directly above this section right at the top it has a couple of lines within the same width which randomly come and go/change height - all areas show incorrect colours suggesting faulty/dead pixels.

We got it through Dixons who are taking it back for an out of warranty (but within the Sale of Goods Act time frame) check which has cost us £60 - this is refunded if they 'decide' the TV has not been damaged and has a manufacturing fault.

Does anyone know what the potention outcome of this would be? The TV has no damage and has never been touched beyond a very light dust with a microfibre cloth on occasion, I'm very careful :)

We're obviously hoping they'll accept it is a defect and will repair the TV, however is this likely? Would they repair the TV which I assume would need a new panel fitted, or would they offer an exchange for either a repaired TV of the same model or the current replacement model from the current Samsung range?

We got the TV because of reviews on here and online which were superb and once calibrated the TV is outstanding, I'd hate to lose out somehow or worst case have them say it is damage and give us a stupid repair cost instead?


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You should have followed my SoGA guide!

Now that Currys have got your set, you can't prove or disprove their findings. You should have got an independent engineer's report. :lesson:

Good luck though.



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They don't have it yet, it isn't due for collection until May 21st! I think I'll try to find a local assessor, and then check on getting a refund on the £60 fee before going any further.

Faulty lines are getting longer, at least 4" in height now, the line at the top of the screen comes and goes.

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