Faulty Pure Evoke 2




I just wondered if anyone else is having problems with the Pure Evoke 2 s as my replacement one has just broken and I'll now be onto my 3rd unit.

The power cuts out when using mains or batteries - it switches on and off a couple of times and then will not work at all - completely dead.

I did hear from the shop that other people have been having this problem too.

I bought it from Sunrise Digital on Totenham Court RD. They exchanged the first one with no fuss although I had to go back in a week to collect the replacement.

The thing is is the warranty runs from when I originally bought the first unit and for the second unit to only last 5 mins is ridiculous - literally.

I would rather exchange it for a different make (but the original box has been thrown away) as I really can't be lugging it back into London for a 3rd time.

Does anybody know my rights with this?

:confused: :( :rolleyes:


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Why did you throw away your box? When will people learn to keep boxes for everything, makes it much easier to get an exhange if something goes wrong. Anyway anough ranting. If you take it back I would suggest getting an exchange for something that's built a little better than any of the products by Pure. You could give the Tivoli PAL a go, not digital but has great signal pick up and a briliant speaker drive unit. Best of all it is water resistant so you can use it ouside and as a shower radio too. I'm sure there will be plenty of other people on here who will testify as to how reliable Tivoli products are.


Tivoli are the amazing products If it doesn't need to be portable go for the Model Two: Excellent.
FM is better quality than DAB anyway and even the choice isn't good enough to tempt me.


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r u sure your not experiencing sound drop outs? I did for the first week or two have this problem. switch the osd to show the power level received.

I found it did this when it was stormy and very overcast, the level would drop below 50 even down to 20 odd on occassions. Since then its never happened, levels now always above 90% (they may have boostered it a bit) and we now have more channels. I live in the stix.

I use it in the kitchen and have a good olde boogy when cooking a roast for the misses n kids, never liked cooking but now its more fun!!!

IMHO i think the sound is excellent and has incredible bass for such a tiny unit.



I didn't throw away the box - my dad did. Wasn't happy when I found out for obvious reasons.

I think I have sorted out the problem. Sunrise Digital replaced the radio again and it was found - now this bit is weird but true - that the batteries were causing something to blow in the unit. A slip of paper that came with the unit *recommended* that only alkaline batteries be used. Anyway I was using non-alks and when in use, the unit kept switching off and back on due to the lack of power and finally blew.

weird ****. it did this again with a new radio but we switched it off before it blew, put duracells in and it seemed to work with no problems.

When it said "we recommend" only alkaline I thought that that was because non-alk batteries wouldn't last as long - not that they'd kill the radio. weird.

anyway hopefully end of the saga now.

Sunrise were quite good about it all, so i'll go there again

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