Faulty power supply or what?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by JohnTres, Oct 1, 2002.

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    I have just received another Sony 28LS35.
    I seem to have a new problem.
    Every now and again, it has happened 4 times now, the TV makes a popping or cracking sound and the picture flashes. Last night it happened twice and at one time the screen went completely blank for a split second and then the picture returned.

    Is this likely to be a faulty power supply in the TV?


    Could it in any way be a problem with the source, i.e. the ITV Digital box feed?

    I can't remember whether it has happened on both analogue and digital. It certainly didn't happen with any of the previous TVs I've had lately (all with their own different problems).
    I will get the engineer out but I want to describe the problem to him and sound as though I know what I'm talking about so as not to get fobbed off.

    Whay are TVs these days so crap? This is the 4th TV I've had in 2 months (2 JVC 28R25, 2 Sony 28LS35).

    cheers for any help,


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