Faulty (possibly) amp



Been reading this board for a while now and thought i'd sign up to see if you could help me with a problem i'm hving with my amp.
I've got a Cambridge A3i amp from Richer Sounds. It's about 1 1/2 years old. I think i have a warranty but i can't find the leaflet for it so that's pretty much out of the question i think.

Every now and then when i'm playing music (from a variety of inputs) it suddenly goes BANG through the speakers and
cuts out. The light stays on, but the sound cuts out completely. After a few seconds, it turns back on again with a *click* sound and continues working.
All my cables are connected fine and are the same as they have been for about a year. This problem started a couple of weeks ago.

The guy on the phone said he didn't know what it would be and suggested to get it looked over for £30. Should i do this? Will it be expensive to fix? Is this a good opportunity to buy a new amp?

Any help appreciated,


You dont happen to be listening at very high levels? It sounds rather like you are tripping some sort of protection circuit.

You shouldnt need proof of the warranty, RS should have it on file. £30 for a look over seems very steep mind you


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