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Faulty picture LCD TV - HDMI/PC OK but Aerial/Scart zig zaggy


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My son's DUAL DLCD2605 LCD TV has developed a fault (after he took it off the wall and remounted it - says all he did was lay it on the bed but who knows!). The picture when using Aerial/Scart/AV inputs is zig zaggy and distorted (like the old vertical/horizontal hold faults) like it can't 'lock on' and hold the picture (if you get my drift) although the sound seems OK. Using HDMI or PC input the picture is fine. Sometimes when you first switch it on the picture is OK for a few seconds (especially if it is been off for a while) - that sort of suggests to me a breaking solder or joint. I have had the back off (of course) but cant see any obvious loose connections or faults on motherboard or any leads. Anybody got any suggestions as to a) what the fault might be and/or b) what to try / test. Is it worth getting it looked at - no idea how much repairmen charge these days and it is only a £250 TV - but on the other hand the panel is clearly OK. Thanks Steve


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Hi all, don't like to bump old threads but my 55 inch plasma has developed the same fault after being removed from wall, not used for a year. Renounced today and only hdmi working, scart and RF not but sound ok.

Can anyone make any suggestions please.


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