Faulty Panasonic DV-737 DVD player - should I repair or replace?


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I have a Panasonic DV-737 player which I've had since new (£800!!), and have adored. It started playing up about 2 years ago with intermittently spinning up discs. I thought I'd be clever, open it and try to clean the lens with a cotton wool bud dipped in alcohol. I don't know what I've done, but now it won't spin up discs at all. Gutted - and what a plonker.

I used to use it with a CRT TV and it was amazing in progressive scan with component outputs but, if I'm honest, the PS3 does such a good job of upscaling DVD content to my TXP50G20 plasma (and the DV-737 doesn't have HDMI) that I probably only want it for CD playback - but I like the idea of a multi-use player. I don't want a BluRay player as they simply take forever to 'boot', and I have the PS3 anyway. My amp is a Denon AVR-3802 which is an ageing but pretty musical bit of kit to be fair, but recently paired with Kef's KHT3005 SE speakers.

But I just love the build quality and heftiness of the DV737! I don't need SuperAudio etc but I'm after a very musical player. Should I get the DV737 repaired, replace with a similar high-end DVD player, or just buy a decent audio CD-player? Thinking about picking up a second-hand DV-737 (or similar) on eBay for around £50....

Many thanks!



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Depends on what type of alcohol you used. Some will cause the lens to go cloudy. Others are sticky and create a messy film as it picks up dust. Normally only needs a cotton bud that has been breathed on - that's all the moisture you need. Could be something else, like a dodgy motor not spinning the disc fast enough.


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Problem is the disc isn't even lifting / spinning now... Think I've damaged the mechanism....

Any suggestions on a replacement deck?

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