Faulty MS309 should I get the same or different?


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Good evening

I have a faulty MS 309 see daio thread MS 309 Problem,

Anyway the question is this, do I take it back to RS and get a replacment or do I get a different SUB.

I am dissapointed that this has happened after only 2 weeks and although the rest of my setup is MS I dont feel comfortable getting anohter 309 in case the problem starts again.

The 309 has 2 channel inputs ( L & R ) but my amp only has 1 sub output. The 309 manual says in these circumstances to connect to the L input which is how it is setup. Could this be part of the problem?? ie no voltage on the R input hence it will not switch itself on when left in standby??


Is there an alternative in the same pricebracket that is no bigger ( in fact the wife would prefer a "smaller box in her lounge").

Help/advice most greatly recieved




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The L/R input sockets won't be part of the problem. The left and right channels are summed together in the first stage of the preamplifier and then passed onto the power amplifier - the on/off sensing circuit does not recieve twice the signal voltage if you connect both inputs.



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I think the BKXLS200 meets your dimensions requirement!


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It does look like the only option to please the WAF is the little bk xls200 www.bkelec.com

Shame about the 309, its a lovely sub :D

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