Faulty leds on Ambilight? 65OLED806/12


Have been anybody here facing issue with three/four leds seems to being faulty on Ambilight on new TV?


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Have been anybody here facing issue with three/four leds seems to being faulty on Ambilight on new TV?
It looks like LEDs are obstructed and/or sending separate RGB light beams? Have you tried looking at the back panel of the TV, maybe LEDs came out from their apertures?


Yes, the led light bar on the one down site is out.
Any suggenstions how to put it back on? Is that an easy back panel opening and click it back to place please?


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I think I had the same problem. The new 65Oled806, after connecting, immediately showed distorted colors in the lower left LED strip. I made a service request to Philips. A service technician came and at home unscrewed the back cover. The lower LED strip on the left fell out of the catches. It was enough to put it back in and press it, because it detached. Unfortunately, after about 2 months, I noticed that the 3 LEDs in this strip do not display red. Instead, they always glow green. I will have to call the service a second time, but now it will probably not be without taking the equipment to the service for a longer time :(

First photo is before first service, next about 2 months after the service intervention
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hmm, I called Philips service, they asked me to contact official service partner. Servise partner told me to either bring TV for 10 min fix or I shall do the fix my self. So I will do myself, was told by service man that is very simple - unscrew the back cover and click the left down led strip back to place and screw back cover. Shall be simple :) (lets hope)

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