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Apologies if this is not in a relevant section.

I took my contract with 3 for a Samsung Galaxy SIII just over a month ago. Within 6 days the handset developed a fault so was exchanged the next day. 2 weeks later and the replacement handset has the same fault (won't charge properly). All this has happened within 28 days of the contract being taken out, but 3 are refusing to replace the second handset and will only send it off for repair.

I was told by a tech guy at Carphone Warehouse that this is a known fault with these batch of phones and I am entitled to another exchange. Does anyone know if I am entitled to a second exchange (and the relevant legislation), or if 3 are correct and it needs to be send for repair?



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If I were you I would ring 3 back again and speak to a different person and see if they will replace the handset. It's swings and roundabouts with Mobile phone call centres, if the other person says that same I would ask to speak to a manager and see if they will send you a replacement.

I don't think there is any clear guidelines that say you are entitled to a replacement if a fault occurs within X period of time, I would imagine it's at the discretion of the phone company.

I had a similar situation a few years back with orange, got a replacement phone but when the same fault occured again within a sort space of time they said it had to be sent off for repair.


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Under the Sale of Goods Act they are entitled to make reasonable attempts of repair

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