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Hi all

Need some advice here as I basically reckon my local Sony Service Centre in Glasgow are being very pedantic here...

Basically I've got an 32FQ75 and the remote for it developed a fault recently. For for some unknown and bizarre reason, Sony are insisting that they get the serial number for the TV in order to repair the remote as "the remote's and tv's are manufactured together". My tv sits nicely in the corner with all sorts of kit connected to it and moving it out to get to the back of it just to get the serial number is going to prove to be a total inconvenience and in my opion, totally un-necessary!

OK, so I'm not a tv technician but surely this is total cr*p! After all, my loyalty to Sony (more fool me) led me to buy a 28LS36 recently and obviously the remote for that controls the FQ75 without any problem proving the service centre's theory as being total cr*p.

Are Sony right after all, or as I reckon, just being totally pedantic on this?

Any comments greatly appreciated.

Paul Atreides

Sounds like crap, maybe they want a record of your TV on their database.


Still got the box? S/N should be on it!
Or maybe a mirror and camcorder with a good LUX rating and zoom?

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