Faulty AVR350??


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I have just bought a new AVR350 and set it all up on the weekend. I have really been enjoying it. Upgraded from an AVR300 that is currently being repaired for free after two faults in 4 years of ownership (great CS by Arcam - thanks Matt).

Anyway my wife switched it on today and got a flash of black and white picture, sound and then nothing.

I thought it would be loose cables but I have checked all of them. DVD works fine through HQ input.

Set up is Sky Digital through S Video
DV-29a through RGB
xbox composite
wii composite
All to PW7 Panny through RGB using the AVR350 as the video switcher.

All of the low quality inputs play sound but have b&w picture and its fuzzy, then switches off.

Nothing has happened since yesterday when everything was working fine. It just seems to have broken.

If anyone has any ideas let me know as this is now my third issue with Arcam gear in 4 years. Not a great record.


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Well, as I see it you have 3 explanations:

(1) You're very unlucky

(2) There's an environmental problem which your Arcam kit is susceptible to, such as mains surges, usage patterns, power cycling, physical environment (heat, dust) etc.

(3) One of your other prices of kit has a fault which it is transmitting to and causing the Arcam to fail.

Of the three I'd be looking at (2) most of all, (3) is unlikely, but IS possible from personal experience.

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