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fault with thomson 28" wide

Discussion in 'TVs' started by carp, May 3, 2003.

  1. carp


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    i would be carefull about buying a thomson 28" wide 100hz 28wf 4016
    as there a fault with these tv that thomson will not admit to

    called them out as my TV Thomson 28` £500 that's 2 month old got like shadows down side of picture, were the speakers are

    the guy turn up
    said its not a fault, its something the TV does, so i said so comet sell faulty goods then
    no he reply its not faulty, that how it is

    so Thomson sent out £500 TV that got a bad picture then.

    no as i keep telling you its not a fault

    its interference from your amp, or centre speaker or DVD

    ok so i disconnect them all and still does it

    so now he say well its a build up.

    he said you got your aerial and sky disc on your roof and that's were the interference is from

    that's amazing as the aerial aint connected mine on scaffold pole in back garden.

    so what your saying is it can be any bloody thing but the TV.

    he said, someone will call you monday, to arrange to take it and have a look on the bench.

    was not happy with this, so phoned them

    the woman said the guy has reported is as no fault its my equipment and she said you have sign his form about this

    i had not sign anything

    i told her he never even open up the tv to have a look, she said they got so much experiance they dont need to

    they will take it and have a look on the bench but there nothing wrong with it, and there is not, we can charge you, also we will not give you another TV while we do this.

    so i bought a £500 TV thats a pile of rubbish, and more or less comet refuse even to be willing to check it.

    i have printed this out and stick this to the tv.


    There is a sort of ripple shadows effect down each side of the screen when the sound is loud and when there certain type of frequencies in the soundtrack, for example explosions.
    This effect can also been seen with the sound muted, and the case of the TV tapped on the side.

    My other equipment is
    AV Amp
    AV Centre speaker
    Video player
    DVD player
    Sky digi box

    We called your engineer out and all he wanted to do was blame anything but the TV
    First it was the amp, then the video, then the DVD, so disconnect them all and the problem is still there.
    Then he said was speaker on the wall for hi-fi, that has not be connect for very long time

    Next it was AV centre speaker, which was not connected, and it’s a proper centre speaker, which is shielded to prevent interference.

    Next he said was aerial and sky dish being to close on roof, strange as roof aerial is not connected, to any TV.
    My TV Aerial is on scaffold pole at the end of the garden, about 40 feet away from my sky dish

    At no time did the engineer bother to test the TV for anything or even open it or disconnect any leads.

    I feel very annoyed at the way you seem to give 1 year warranty, but as soon as your engineer came, he tried to find any fault long as it’s not the item he come to fix.

    I have spoken to Thomson and they say there is no known problem with their TV working with my equipment unless the TV is faulty.

    There no point me having this £500 TV if your engineer says it’s my equipment, as
    what am I expected to do? Bring all my equipment down to the shop and test each TV
    To make sure there no interference.

    I had a large Hitachi TV before, and had no problem with interference on that, did say this to the engineer and his reply was these are more sophisticated now, which to be honest is total rubbish, he has no idea what model TV I had before, or how old it was or the reason for replacing it, so he cannot make valid judgment like that.

    Same thing again blame anything but the TV that seems to be faulty.

    comet engineer call said he can see the fault on bench but all of that model thomson do this, and i have to live with it.

    i said so thomson send out faulty tv then, he said you can come to the shop and i can show you all of them do this

    then why do they sell them ??????

    call thomson they said its not there tv, but its nothing to do with them, but after a long chat i got them to contacted comet

    comet told THEM nothing wrong with tv and they will not repair it or replace it

    call thomson back again, as they never call me like they said they would,
    and said want to speak to a manager, she said i ask him to call you back but dont think he will.

    i call comet back and got told there nothing wrong with the tv and the manager said he will not repire or replace it.

    i try to explain that no more that 1 hour ago there engineer had call me to say it was the tv, but the woman on the phone just repeat the same thing, the manager said there nothing wrong with it.

    the way its going is
    comet will not do anything untill thomson admit there a fault with this model
    though comet told me my tv and all the other they have in stock, have this fault, thomson say when they talk to comet. they say the tv ok.

    i am going around in circles, i have already had dealing with the manager of comet, and he dont want to know, the same engineer who told me all these thomson model have this fault, has told him the tv ok
    and i have try to explain but they dont even want to listen, just keep repeating the same thing

    there nothing wrong with the tv

    i cannot win if there just going to lie, as its my word against comet and thomson now.

    i have spoken to 2 other people on another forum who also have this same problem, with this model.

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