Fault with my Virgin Internet and V+


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I'm starting to lose the will to live with this one. I applogise for the length of this post.

Just over a week ago I was forced to turn off my Virgin V+ box to install some new equipment. I turned the box back on again and noticed that the "Online" light on the front was flashing. Didnt think much of this until i noticed that the ready light on the Virgin modem was also flashing. Rebooted the modem but still no success. Left if 24 hrs incase it was a fault their end but then was forced to ring their Fault Line. After a conversation with their Indian call centre an engineer was booked to come out on the tuesday (rang on sunday). Tuesday arrives and so does the engineer, first he checks the modem and confirms theres no fault with that, then checks in the street and decides the fault is to do with the return path and so he will pass it over to their network support department. Wednesday arrives and again so does another technician who also confirms that the problem is to do with the return path and is a fault in the cable outside. After that we have heard nothing from Virgin regarding the fault. So far we've made 4 phone calls to their fault line to try and get an update on the problem, but it appears the Indian call centre can only answer a question if it falls into their pre set list of faults i.e, try unplugging your modem and back in again (really helpfully :thumbsdow). Can anyone please please give me any clues or advice on how to speed up getting through to someone who might actually be able to tell me the progress of the job and more importantly to fix it. Being without internet and V+ on demand services is starting to really get annoying, especially as we're still paying for these services that we cant use.


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Did one of the Engineers not give you their direct phone number? That's quite surprising as both the engineers i've had visit did this very thing.

I'd ring the fault line again, threaten them that if they do not send another engineer out within 24 hours you will be cancelling your services, and get the persons name in the Indian call centre so you can blame them when you ring to cancel.

I hate their customer service i really do (almost as bad as Microsoft's!) but if threaten them it's surprising what can happen.

And most importantly when you get an Engineer in your house don't let him go until it's fixed or you at least get his direct number!


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...especially as we're still paying for these services that we cant use.
Keep a record of which services you aren't receiving and the times. VM will refund you, but you may have to ask/remind them.


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Ok quick update to the situation. Rang them yet again on thursday night, only this time ringing 150 for customer services and selecting option 4 for any other business. Actually got through to the UK call centre (woohoo) spoke to a nice chap from scotland who said he'd ring me back. Low and behold we get a call 20 minutes later with both him and a technician on the phone (also from UK, on a roll here). Chatted through the problem with him and he agreed that we required a technician onsite as the original technician hadnt done his job properly. He also said that like most people have complained the "overseas" (very diplomatic) call centres were pretty much scripted and were more for logging jobs rather than being of much help. Suggested the best time to ring to get a UK call centre is before 2pm (i.e out of peak time). He arranged for a technician to come out and look at it today (friday) which he's done and so far we're back online. However he has said that the fault lies in the street and we need a new cable fitting from the box to our house. Thats being done next saturday but at least at the moment we're online, if not able to push it to it's full limit for fear of it keeling over again before they've put the new line in. Just wanted to say thanks for the replys I've got, oh and also no I'm not using a Dreambox :) Last point I also agree about Virgin giving a "loss of service credit" once the problem is fully sorted as the chap i spoke to on the phone said the same thing.:smashin:

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