Fault on Sony KDL46W400 - single blue line appears?


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I have had the very good Sony KDL46W400 for 4 years 10 months and have an intermittent fault with pixel lines vertically across the screen - always in the same place. See composite pic attached.

Any thoughts? I have it on a 5 year extended warranty so tempted just to call them in - but the intermittent nature means it will be sod's law it doesn't show up when they visit.

Thanks in advance.


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I'd call before the warranty runs out ;) Show them the photos


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Hi, I had a 46" W4000 and this developed a yellow vertical line down the side which would always be on at startup and then go after a while. Had it repaired under warranty (Domestic&General) the panel was replaced and it was ok for a very short time, then it developed the exactly the same fault in the same place, went away again, came back, developed the same issue again followed by a blue line on the other side. Both would go after a while but they were staying for longer. They gave me a cheque to replace it with an equivalent (not in cost) TV as they could not repair it.

Hope this is of use to you. But i would get it in ASAP. The company that caried out the reapir came ot the house to pickup and drop off and it took about a week (i made sure i kept the TV until they had the parts in from Japan! lol) no sense being stick with the 26" from the bedroom any longer than need be!


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So, I duly logged the service call with D&G on 3 April After multiple chasing calls to them, and their customer service team, finally spoke to a complaints manager yesterday who says that they've more or less given up - as SONY are refusing to answer their emails or calls - and that I now have to find my own repair person to conduct an inspection (which they'll pay for) and then approve whatever repair is necessary.

Two queries:
1) has anyone else had this kind of service from Domestic and General/Sony before? If so, what did you do?
2) any recommendations about how to find a repair service that does 46" TVs in the HP8 (South Bucks) areas as the ones I google all seem to be referral networks run by marketing organisations?


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