fastest and best for hd dvds info pls ??


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hi fellows
just purchased an AX1 AND 2 DVDS for £440.00 inc and am wondering where is the best for fast delivery of hd discs.
pls help i have got £440 of proving to the wife b4 she cancels my xmas..


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I want to know this aswell:D
The cheapest place i've found is dvdworldusa and ordered 3 HD-DVD's a couple of days ago with the Express delivery. If they arrive next week in one piece, i'm gonna order Mummy, Mummy Returns and Scorpion King too from them :)

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dvdworldusa are good and i recieved my 2 HD movies within a week or so but i did get taxed which i shouldn't have. Now i have to go through hte hassle of getting that ammount credited to my account with them


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Check also Movietyme who have some very good prices (on some but not all HD-DVD's) and no doubt will ship faster than some of those across the pond in the States.



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So Movietyme sends from the UK? Interesting....

Just Pre-Ordered The Pianist from with Norwegian subtitles for £12.99! wow :)
And they offered Free Airmail to Europe.


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Movietyme :thumbsup:


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I've just ordered from dvdpacific, I've not got it yet, but they seem quite reasonable.


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^^^ DVDPacific are reliable with good prices - but take about 14 days to deliver. So if you order anything from now on it'll be touch and go for Christmas.
(of course those of us who've ordered a new Tosh to play them on then have still got loads of time :) )


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I found that if they have them in stock Movietyme are great, if they dont, you will wait ages for a disc. :rolleyes:

I have started using DVDWorldUSA and they are pretty good, I got Dune HD in around 8 days. I find them faster than MT alternatively I'd use Play if their prices were'nt so high.

Around this time of the year, good luck getting anything quick!!!



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Few threads on this now if you do a search. DVD Pacific are great. Best stock of anyone I would say and great prices too. :thumbsup:


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If you want it fast go for, you'll get the hd dvd in 1 to 2 days if its in stock. Always best to ring them and order as their online ordering doesn't tell you if its in stock or not. They are also more expensive than the other retailers mentioned.

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