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    I have just purchased a the above from an auction site and I'm having a few problems installing the card. The version I bought is for Windows 98 & NT and I'm running Windows ME. The product version was not made clear on the advert. The problem I have is that Windows finds the new hardware and tries to install the software but then I immediately get a blue screen which says that an "error has occurred press enter to continue". I do but it does nothing. I also get an error code 0028: C002EA91.
    I've gone to the Fast Technology web site and downloaded the most recent drivers but it wont let me install them as the hardware isn't present - I had to pull the card otherwise I couldn't run the puter. I am also unable to uninstall Fast.Now Lite 1.3 as I'm not running
    windows 98 or NT. I really seem to be in a catch 22 situation. Can anyone offer any advice or help?


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