Faroudja Scaling question


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Just a quickie.

Anyone know how the Faroudja chips scale to 1080i? Do they de-interlace in the process and then re-interlace again? Specifically interested in what the FLI-2310 DCDi chip does.


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Can't see that they could do it in any other way, but I stand to be corrected. The concept of attempting to scale individual fields and then deinterlacing is too awful to contemplate!

Nic Rhodes

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Isn't it 408i to 480p to 1080p to 1080i. Scaling 480i to 1080i causes all sorts of 'issues'. There is a good web site somewhere linked to this on this forum giving scaling examples.


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Yeah I'm pretty sure it's that way. Had some firmware for my 963 that made it do 1080i out of component (before I SDI modded it).

963 SDI still for sale by the way...

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