Faroudja / DCDi / Genesis - what do these mean?



Can someone please explain to me what Faroudja, DCDi and Genesis all are please when reffering to DVD players?

I understand that Faroudja is a maker of de-interlacer for displays and DVD players, but have no idea what DCDi is, and when its used, is it just a brand name?

Also, whats the relevance of Genesis? I hear the older Panasonic players in the US had Genesis chipsets, what are these?

Cheers guys.

Nic Rhodes

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Faroudja was a high end manufacturer of video processors. They developed a deinterlacing technolgy that some liked called DCDi. This then went into chips like the 2300 series. Genesis was a rival manufacturer which also did deinterlacing and scaling amongst other things. They bought the rights to DCDi and the chip you now see became reality, namely the 2310. Genesis now promtes the whole package...

from memory :)
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