Farewell to my friend


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Just when you thought life was going well, along comes a hammer blow to bring you crashing down.

Got a phone call this morning that my work colleague and friend, Roger, had suffered a massive heart attack and died at the wheel of his car over the weekend. I worked with him for about 15 years.

I'm not really one for making friends. I have about 25 on my facebook account as I'm not one for having hundreds of acquaintances and calling them friends. Roger was different. I've worked for the RBS for over 22 years and over that time, must have met / spoken to / worked with thousands of people. Only a handful have become my true friends. Not work colleagues, friends. He came to my children's christenings .... we rang and spoke to each other 2 or 3 times a week. Just chats to moan about the Bank, moan about the stress of targets etc and laugh about his continual requests for pay rises. It all seemed so important and yet so insignificant.

He was a super fit lad too. Aged 43 and always into keep fit - we once got copped coming out of the gym by our old boss when we were supposed to be working. We got hauled in front of another boss when we left a regional conference at lunch time (in Birmingham) because we didn't want to miss a football match back in Manchester. We just mucked about together and had a strong bond.

And then the news this morning. It really has left me in shock. He wasn't ill, far from it. He was never poorly. I can't remember him having a day off work.

I'll miss him terribly. He was my friend.

RIP Roger.

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Make the most of the time with your remaining friends. Sad to hear about the passing of someone so young. You know you're getting old when you lose your friends forever.

Chin up mate. We'll organise a Blackpool do again!


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sorry to hear that my best mates brother had a heart attack at weekend he was only 26 but luckily has lived. life is cruel sometimes and just shows you should treasure every moment be it with friends or family because you just never know...hope your ok mate


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I'm so sorry for you and for Rogers family, I'm currently dealing with three bereavements this year (Mum and my 2 dogs) none of which were expected and all I can tell you is that time really does eventually start to heal those little holes in your heart, Always remember the great simple things you did together and keep him alive in your memory, My sympathy goes out to you :(


Sorry to heat this, he is only a year older than i am too.
I think your local to me, the NE area, where did this happen?


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Just serves as a painful reminder just how fragile life is......


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Again mate, terribly sorry. Cherish every day.


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My condolences, our family have experienced the loss of dear ones the last year or so and its horrible. However, losing someone who's a mate, a colleague, your age and mindset really does knock you for six and makes you evaluate mortality in a different light.


sorry to hear that mate
life is real harsh sometimes
but chin up
R.I.P roger


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Thanks all. This has really knocked me for six.

Will raise a glass tonight for my pal.


Enjoy every day of the rest of your life mate, do it for the lost ones. Live life the way they would have. That's how I cope/coped.

Raise a glass, watch your beloved City tonight and remember the good times. :)


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I work at RBS with Steve and the strength of feeling and emotion in our work this morning is a great testament to what a good bloke Roger was. I had a few dealings with him over the years and he was such a character,and will be sorely missed by all those whose live's he touched.

I'm devastated for my good mate Steve, and for those who were close to Roger,at what a hammer blow this has been.

As I said to you before mate, remember the good times, cherish the memories and hold those whom you love closer to you tonight.

I like to think that he's propped up at that bar upstairs, surrounded by birds and is having a whale of a time.

RIP Big Rodge.......gone too soon and missed by many.
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When I read about this earlier, I didn't realise how close you were. I lost my best friend 15 yrs ago and still think about him almost every day.

My sincere condolences to you Steve.


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Sorry to hear your bad news. True friends are rare, to loose one is devastating.



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loads of people are commenting on Facebook...one of the comments is : "devastated...he was a genuinely fine man". And that just about sums it up.


Very sorry to hear that sad news, Just goes to show you how life can suddenly change and your gone, no matter how fit and healthy you are, life is too short and it needs to be lived to the full everyday.



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My deepest of sympathies mate. I can't honestly imagine what it would be like without my best mate. I mean we go to uni in different cities so don't see each other that often but we are always in touch. If he passed away I don't know what life would be like.

Again, sorry to hear about this truly awful news mate.


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Sorry to hear about your friend Steve, that's a stupid age to lose someone. I had to go home to bury my grandfather over the weekend - it was one of the hardest things I've ever done as I was almost as close to him as I am to my own father. I gave his eulogy in the church and barely managed to hold it together, had to pause for deep breaths several times to get myself under control. Anyway, just wanted to post to say I can empathise with what you're going through, but it must be so much tougher to lose someone when they are still so young. My thoughts are with you - he'll live on in the memories you hold of him.

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