Far Cry Multiplayer


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Had a quick go on this last night and it's a hoot:smashin:

Getting pings between 36-60 (560kbs bb) no lag worth mentioning but those of us with good graphics cards I would recomend turning the detail down. I was getting my ass whipped and it was due to me hiding in what I thought was foliage (sp?) being rendered by my card only to actually be lying out in the open under low detail settings:blush:
There's FFA, TDM and Assualt at the moment and the maps are great:clap:
I can see hours of my time being consumed by this game (SP & MP) it's fantastic.

My game tag is Priv8pile anyone else up for a game leave your name and I'll look out for you. I could even host a small game if the need should arise.

see you on the killing fields:smoke:

Bob Todd

so tell me whats different about the multiplayer of this to the BF1942/V games?


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Only played for a couple of hours and found it fun:)
Not played bf1942 so have nothing to compare it to but it seems to have the basics in place to keep most people happy. The maps I've played were fairly large and plenty of modern weaponary available (mp5, rocket launcher the usual fair). I've played H&D2, Blackhawk down which is more inclined towards war simulations (which I like) so far cry being more arcady and quick makes a refreshing change (more tending towards ut2003 but not as fast and furious).

don't know whether that answers your questions but this games worth buying for the single player experience alone so multiplayer is an added bonus. The game ships with a map editor so we can expect some good maps/mods to make an appearance over the next few months hopefully:D


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I'm still playing through the singleplayer but I have made an apperance online (much to my shame tho :blush:),
Ive been using the name "glass". The only servers all seeing eye is picking up for me are the multiplay.co.uk ones, so ill be on there showing of my fearsome skills :rolleyes:

General Panic

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Hi Hawklord
Nearly bought this the other day but i like my online shooting in the WW2 variety usually.
Have you noticed how many people can play at once at a maximum , 16 or more?
I do like BF1942 as 48 at once is great and on DOD you can easliy get up to 32.



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I think multiplayer is in it's infancy atm tbh and there appears to be around 16 ppl playing at any one time.

Great potential though:)

The game is firstly a single player experience and worth the money just for that:D

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