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    I have'nt managed to take any pictures yet but anyway to give you an idea of my setup its basically in my lounge which is about 30 foot long and about 12 feet deep. I used to have the projector in front of the screen at about 12 feet and watch from about 16 feet.

    Anyway recently I purchased a black projector stand for about £29.99? from my local JESSOPS store and its a bargain for what it is. Its black and has a top tray and a bottom tray. The top tray is for the projector and the bottom tray for a laptop if needed.

    The great thing though is that now I can have the projector behind the sofa and therefore this helps immensley with the picture viewing!. The stand is easy to use and takes about 1 minute to setup and then plonk the projector on. If anyone else has this type of projector it's worth checking out the stand as imho this is one of the best buys I have ever bought for my budget home cinema!. Also it helps a bit more by drowning out the fan noise as you are directly in front of the speakers with the projector behind you. All I need now is for a decent USB WinTV card which supports dscaler properly for a laptop!, alas that will never happen.

    Therefore anyone know the longest monitor lead from my other HTPC to the projector I could use (need about 6-10 feet?) without loss of picture quality, and where to buy it?.


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