FAO Shaunthedude: RP advice needed!



Hey Shaun,

I Pm'd you to ask your advice.

I have just got rid of my 3rd Sony KV36FS70 CRT telly and now want to buy one of the following:

Your Sony RP set
Toshiba 50WT29 RP

I know you had a Tosh prior to your new Sony, but said the new Tosh range has inferior picture quality - I have read this, have you experienced it yourself?

Basically, which would you plump for, if money was no issue, the new 50" Tosh RP or your Sony?

Cheers mate, I want to get it right this time!

P.S. Did your Tosh suffer from the "warm cast" down the right hand side, the dirty/sepia effect?


Hi there,

I had the 42wh18b and I did think it was fantastic. Picture was great. However on dark scenes the picture looked grainy and yes, on the right of the screen there was a sort of sepia cast. very noticable on a b/w film. Om getting this new sony I am very impressed. Picture is crystal clear and very sharp. So much so that it looks like a crt picture rather than an rp. The set looks great too and is surperb in build quality. As much as I would like a 50 inch tv my room is too small. However, the sony is 44 inch so there is only 6 inches in it. the sony beats the tosh for picture quality although the tosh was good. The tosh had a better screen than the sony. More of a matt finish which did not reflect. The sonys screen looks like a crt screen in that it does reflect the light. This does not bother me though. The only problem i have had witht he sony was the red gun shining too bright. the engineer has now fixed this and its great. I would go for the Sony purley because the picture is better. I checked out the newer tosh model (wt29) and the picture was definatley softer than the 42wh18b. Still good though. But after seeing the Sony picture, well my mind was made up. Any more questions e mail me. check pms for address

cheers shaun

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