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    SteveEX suggested I drop you a note on the above model of TV and its DRC technology. My initial query was to see if I could source the original review so I could compare it with the Toshiba 32ZD09B and the Loewe Vitros 32ZD09B.

    Any thoughts/opinions on DRC and the relative strengths/weaknesses of the 3 shortlisted models.


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    Sorry only just seen this.

    From what I can gather DRC is really just a scale up with some fairly primitive filtering applied to it. In essence its similar to the effect you get on a PC viewing in a lower than ideal resolution with anti-aliasing applied to it. I'm not convinced it does a particularly good job at detecing and deinterlacing various image types and at best can be thought of as just another version of 100Hz processsing. The sets I've seen with DRC exhibit tell-tale signs of other 100Hz processing sets ie: mainly posterisation due to crushed bit-depth and breakup on fast moving objects ( like scrolling text). I suspect you would also see squishing and stretching effects on certain features in the image where the resize interpolation has done a poor job but I honestly didn't look at the Tv long enough to detect this.

    The Loewe 100Hz engines are in my opinion not particularly different from most of the other manufacturers ( I think its the same one philips use). The only advantage to Loewe sets is that they can accept a progscan input from an HTPC via a vga input (not sure about the Vitros though) This would be a much better bet than the 100Hz engine but you'd need an HTPC a progscan dvd player or a standalone deinterlacer/scaler to use this ( I think it may only accept a max refresh of 60Hz though: ideally you want 72Hz and 75Hz for progscan or at least multiples of 24/25/30)

    Never been all that impressed with Tosh sets as they seem to have the worst geometry of the lot.

    I'd advise you first of all to think about a 50Hz set if you are only looking for a 32 incher as whatever 50Hz artifacting you get will be preferable to the 100Hz artifacts ( the greater percievable flicker on 50Hz sets is even less of an issue if you primarily watch 525/60 ( ntsc region1 dvd).

    Failing that think about the progscan route via a vga capable Loewe ( jeff I think has posted regarding this in the past)

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