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Just ordered my new Acer laptop, i know however of the tonssssss of bloatware that come with it!

So whats safe to delete?...what do i need to keep?



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I'd start by burning the recovery disks before that software stops working.

Secondly, get rid of the wireless software. The last acer I saw came with it set to connect to unsecured networks automatically, which is a huge security risk.

The trackpad may need it's software running to work.

Apart from that you can probably do what you like with it.


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I'm not an Acer user, so this is general advice that applies to everyone. It's not just Acer, all the other brands are guilty of this too. If you're up to the task and have a copy of Windows (and other software) on CD, the best thing is to reformat the drive and install it the way you want. It's a lot of hassle but it's worth it.

The other option is to just go through Control Panel > Add/Remove Software (for XP) or Control Panel > Programs and Features (for Vista) and remove the things that you don't need. Use common sense when uninstalling stuff, and make sure to leave essential things like hardware drivers (graphics, network, sound, etc). Go ahead and remove all the trial crap. If it's got any version of Norton or McAfee, be aware that they are huge resource hogs and will slow down your laptop considerably. Most likely they're trial versions anyway, so get rid of them and install an alternative such as Eset Smart Security.

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