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FAO 360 Wheel users: Retrofit needed


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It says you will recieve your retrofit, sooo does it mean it is something the user can fit?


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It says you will recieve your retrofit, sooo does it mean it is something the user can fit?

Sounds that way, might be something that goes in-line with the power supply, can't imagine them getting you to take the thing to bits.

I've printed off the form, will complete & return it tonight then see what happens ...


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I bet it's not too dissimilar to the Xbox 1 a/c cable they sent out when they started going up in flames.


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I would love to know how they are going to let everyone know about this issue, what about people who run without Live how are they gonna find out?? :eek:

Printed the form out, will send off tomorrow to see what happens. :rolleyes:


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It says you will recieve your retrofit, sooo does it mean it is something the user can fit?

It's probably an exhaust pipe ;)

Or maybe a voucher to use at KwikFit.


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I couldn't see this story already posted, forgive me if it is (Did search).

Microsoft is issuing replacement parts for 230,000 control wheels for its Xbox video game console after users reported overheating and smoke from the units.

Microsoft warned owners of the steering wheel control, which mimics the sensation of driving a racing car, not to use mains electricity.

It said the steering wheel was still safe to use with batteries.

The company has received 50 reports of the controllers overheating and releasing smoke when plugged in.

Repeated woes

This is the second time the Xbox has experienced problems this year.

Microsoft extended the games console's warranty in July after some units locked up on users.

Microsoft recommends existing customers of the steering wheel control register online for what it calls a retrofit.

The cost to Microsoft of repairing earlier malfunctioning Xbox units has been estimated at more than $1bn (£500m).

Buoyant market

Microsoft sold 170,000 Xbox consoles in the US in July, 18% down on the previous year.

It subsequently announced price reductions for the consoles in the US and Europe.

US market research firm NPD said sales of video games and hardware rose by 37% to $925.5m in July as price cuts by Sony stimulated consumer interest.

Sony's Playstation 3 saw a huge rise in its fortunes, selling 159,000 units in July after previous months' sales figures had struggled to reach 100,000.

Nintendo's Wii games console led the pack, selling 425,000 units in July.

Source; BBCNews.co.uk

I've not heard of this problem until now, strange..


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was posted on xbox site on 22nd and im still not sure whats involved with the retrofit.


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iv mailed mine off, i dont see why we cant have a fax too...would have sent it few times...ops must have been a fax error. atleast i didnt pay full price for a potentially faulty device...wasnt ther like 50 claims, surprised M$ didnt want to keep this quiet as its only a few.
Does anyone know where else the 360 serial number is located aside from the back? Mine is awkward to pull out, was hoping it might be on the packaging or the registration card.
edit: check System info on the dash.


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Maybe this could be made a sticky? ;)

Why not,

I'll leave it at the top of the page for a few days [we are trying to cut down on the amount of stickies atm], hopefully enough people will see it before I unstick it...:thumbsup:
Sorry to sound stupid, but what is a "retrofit"? Is it something to do with the mains supply?


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Early on, when there was an issue with more than one wheel being used, they sent out a module that clipped on where the battery module connects, which did a firmware update.

I seem to recall they sent a return envelope for it also, I would suspect they will do similar again, perhaps reducing the FF strength?

Deeez Nuuutz

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Mine has been fine with 50+ hours gameplay on it.

Can't be doing with all the hassle so i'll probably leave it.


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I will at least send the form back to see what is said/done, complain enough and we may get more free games!! lol


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There may not even be a widespread problem. 50 people out of hundreds of thousands who have bought one isnt much. Might just be a dodgy batch of them, but MS just being extra careful


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Hello Guys,

I just received the email below from Amazon. Will they replace the all unit?

Dear Customer

We are contacting you regarding your order which included a 'Microsoft
Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel', ASIN B000I2O48Y or B000N0WWZ8.

Due to a potential safety issue, Microsoft is voluntarily recalling
selected models of its Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheels.
According to Microsoft a component in the wheel chassis may, in rare
cases, overheat and release smoke when the AC-DC power supply is used
to energise the wheel.

Microsoft is offering all customers affected by this recall, a free
retrofit to the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel.

Please visit the following link to view the public notice as released
by Microsoft and to find more information on how to receive your free


If you are affected by this recall, you are advised to stop using the
AC/DC power supply until you have obtained your retrofit.
If you purchased this item as a gift for someone, please notify the
recipient immediately and provide them with this information.
We understand that this was not what you expected when you placed your
order and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We look forward to serving you again in the future.

Warmest regards,

Customer Service Department

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