Fantasy Premier League 2019/20


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Bloody Pep. Had 13pts from Greenwood on the bench waiting if KDB was rested. On Lee's coattails.

When In Rome

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Has YNWA1892 left the league?
I looked and don't see his team there. It may be that he gave up and removed his team. I did the same myself a couple of seasons back just because I realised I could no longer make the top six!

I hope once this affected season is over we can all start a new season together again whoever is in the chair, I hope @YNWA1892 is okay of course in the meantime.

When In Rome

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I've just withdrawn from three leagues and was seriously considering binning the lot.

Sometimes you get a game week which feels like everything has conspired against you, everything goes swimmingly for your rivals and it feels like a knife to the stomach.

I totally despise this game and yet others no doubt will also have gone through the same knowing that next season we will be going through the same torment because every new season brings new hope.


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Ok slight misinformation there, but to get Kane(vs Bournemouth...) plus Willian and Foden I dumped Salah, Saint Maxim and Calvert Lewin. So Kane better smash it!!

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