Fantasy Island Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Wow! Good review, but what a wasted opportunity to create something quite memorable, from an old but at the time irritatingly enjoyable source series.


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It was terrible! Glad I had a free rental of this.


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I enjoyed it *runs away*


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Thanks Cas - a real waste of some good actors, going by your review & the dodgey trailer.
I do remember the original, mostly because of Ricardo Montalban & the character Tattoo (The Plane, the plane!) :):):):)

For those that don't a little taste below:-



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I seem to remember Herve Villechaize, who was also in the Bond film"The Man With The Golden gun" with Roger Moore, describing him as a "diseased sex maniac with unnatural lusts". Whilst that might sound amusing in reality he went on a downward spiral that ended with his suicide aged just 50. He blew (if that's the right description here) around £3 million on booze and women.


I also thought it was perfectly watchable for a Saturday night easy watch.


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A fair review Cas, they missed absolutely everything that could have made this a great film and settled for meh instead, good actors wasted, terrible subplot and main plot was already pretty awful.

This will not go down in Blumhouse history as a moment to be proud of, such an all round waste of time, money and effort.

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