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Fantasy 'Cherished' registration numbers


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Related to the "What good registration plates..." thread in the Motoring section, but started in GC for wider audience.

Post any ideas for valid UK format registrations that would be good.

Eg. S114DOW (with a black screwhead between the 1s) would look like shadow

Must be one of the recognised formats (past upto 2049 which the current series is valid to) from;

Of course there are many which wouldn't be issued due confusion 0/O, 1/I etc, and make obscene words, as well as those combinations which were never allocated to a regional registering office, but just stick to the formats, don't worry about validity checking.
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I've got PHIIBOT :)


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My favourite local 'council' plate is CL10 JOY, guess what car it's on?

Simian Sibling

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My brother owns T110RNE. Our surname being Thorne! I always wanted that number plate and that sod bought it!


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I want CA15YHR
There are loads of CA15's around our way and my youngest boys name is Cai. The eldest is Rhys so the 5YHR backwards spells that. Be perfect for me.


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There was a couple of cars outside the same house just off the embankment in London with plates "2B" and "NOT 2B"

BT Bob

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Saw on a range rover pulling a horse box the number plate was, HOR 5E
I believe that is (or used to be) owned by David Broome.


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You don't have to post existing or spotted regs. Anything you like that can be made with letters and numbers to DVLA rules.

I'd like to see T81RDS on a Ford Thunderbird but, T is from 1999 and they stopped making big Thunderbirds in 1997 so it wouldn't be allowed (makes the car seem newer), though it would be ok on a 2001-onwards 2-seater.
My favourite local 'council' plate is CL10 JOY, guess what car it's on?
The number of small Renault hatchbacks with reg. starting CL10, I'm sure Renault or their dealers bought them all up. Btw. Clio.
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My exact first name (slightly unusual as a first name, but not uncommon as a surname) sold at a DVLA auction about 20 years ago. I put in a bid at the time of about £3.5k, but it sold for over £6k.

About 10-15 years ago my exact surname came up again in a DVLA auction, but money was tight at the time, so just put in a sealed bid of £1.5k and it sold for £1.6k only one bid after my limit. It is now for sale for £16k!!!



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Where as to save money buying a pretentious personalised number plate, you just changed your name by deed poll to WA11 REO. :)

NooBish AbbZ 92

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If the current format stays as it is, as of 2030, I can get my full surname perfectly :) And yes, I plan to buy it.

Fortunately every character of my surname can convincingly be replaced with a number.
S-5 , B-8 , O-0, T-7, A-4 :) Not in that order though ;)


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So I came up with 2007-8 MU57ANG. Just so happens, that has been issued and is on... a 2007 Mustang GT!

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