Fantastic Voyage

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    Ah for the times of a simple sci-fi idea from the 50's and 60's that today seems if coming out with something new are over complicated.
    The idea of miniaturising a craft to enter the bloodstream and do surgery from the inside rather than invasive cutting though stuff to get to the part that needs cutting away.
    Anyway that’s the basis of this plot get to a blood clot in the brain remove it and get out all in under 1hour.
    I looked at the running time and the time the final miniaturization and it more or lees corresponded.
    The first 40 minutes of the film is the set up for the insertion of the craft actually found this going a lot quicker than what was the meat of the film which the craft encounter problem after problem.
    Although the film in and out in a hour more or less is real time there is certain spots where time is stretched, which is a well used device e.g.. look at the bomb in Goldfinger seconds are almost stretched to minutes.
    Its a shame the plot let some goofs into the film I spotted one way back on watching it and spotted 2 more watching it this time
    the craft and pilot are left in the body which would expand after the hour was up, new ones were the fluid in the needle the craft placed in is man sized before shrinking and injected and also at the end the rifle is disregarded.
    I read the book which I thought the film was based on by Isaac Asimov which deals with these goofs and also written with more real science explanations and problems the craft would encounter. I found out recently he was asked to write the story based on the film. If you get chance its well worth a read even if you think you know the plot from the film.
    The film itself looks good as are the effects especially when taken into consideration this is a 60s film although there are a few time when a shot taken from inside the craft looking out there's a slight halo round the studio shot and the back projection/blue screen.
    Its a shame Stephen Boyd died at the age of 45 and wonder if he was considered or screen tested for James Bond.
    If like me fell for a quotation in the film and decide to look it up like a lot I found were don’t, its one wrote for the film.
    The disc does have some extras although not awash with them and the main one is quite good and title mentions Lava lamps which is how I though the blood cells were created which I'm wrong.

    Definitely one for the sci-fi film collectors.

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