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It is with great pleasure that I can (for a change) have a positive rant about a company!!

Last week I placed an order for a Loewe Mimi 32 with it's ultra sexy stand from PETER MARTIN. Their pre sales are friendly, helpful, knowledgable and efficient. A week later they delivered and installed for a fixed price of £65 (from Cheshire to darkest Kent!) and the very pleasant guy that set my system up (linking up my TiVO, DVD Player, PS2, and PC to VGA) spent 3 hours getting it JUST right.

And here's the unbelievable bit.... When I placed the order they not only said they didn't want my money then, they didn't even take my credit card details UNTIL THE SYSTEM WAS INSTALLED TO MY SATISFACTION!!!!

Great Service, Good Price (more than internet but well under list), speedy delivery and bloody nice people.

It's such a pleasure to use a forum to pass on a GOOD experience!


A very happy Joe


Could not agree with you more. Recieved my XELOS 32inch last Thursday. No payment until they installed and set my Televsion up. Excellent service and product knowledge. I'll be going back to them again. Anyone thinking of buying Loewe go to these Guys there the business.:clap:


I just want to make it clear that

- I do not work for Peter Martin
- None of my relations works for them
- None of my freinds work for them
- I don't own shares in them
- I was just impressed by them!

The 'for a change' posts that I refer to are relating to a p.c I purchased and logged my rants on a relevant forum. Believe me I can moan and rant with teh best of them!



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