Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (IMAX) Movie Review


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I thought this was pretty terrible, top to bottom.
I barely know where to start.
if you have a magical pony that knows who’s worthy of leading the wizards why bother with the whole election process ? But then again, the pony tells them all who should lead them and they ignore it anyway.
Blood oaths aren’t all that are they ? They stop you from going against the person you have one with until you do and then… well it just stops being an oath.
Le Strange infiltrates the Grindlewald cult to do…. Nothing, likewise Queenie, in fairness she joined, didn’t really feel it then just left.
Credence a vitally important individual that everyone is after… well he’s not that important and is actually just going to die and frankly if anyone would’ve just told him who he was to begin with (which is actually pretty easy when you have a mirror text messaging service) they’d have saved themselves a whole lot of bother.
Tina can’t be involved in saving muggle and wizard kind…. Because her day job is more important…erm okay… she’s replaced by a random new character that’s a bit annoying and does very little.
Jacob is back, but for no real logical reason.
Nothing sticks, it’s plods along at a snails pace, stuff happens and gets resolved without consequence.
Mads does his rent a bad guy routine, it’s never explained why he no longer appears as Jonny Depp, when they had an easy way to explain it.
That’s just it, the whole film is lazy. I was under the impression there was meant to be more of these, but they mostly seem to wrap things up here, I can’t see any genuine need for anymore. Really enjoyed the first two, but this was a complete Shambes.
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Well I watched yesterday and I have to be honest I actually really enjoyed it.

Loved the new fantastic beasts added to this film.
Also thought Mads made an excellent Grindelwald.

The 2 and bit hours flew past, yes it had its flaws but overall it was a pleasant enough.
Really enjoyed the duelling elements.

Just came back from watching it with the wife and the son’s fiancé and all of us enjoyed it a lot, like you experienced the time flew by which is usually a sign you enjoyed it.

The wizard fight scenes were intense compared to previous movies, and way more than during the Harry Potter ones but I would say their story/plot was better.

I too would give this a solid 7/10 but is really aimed at the HP fans among us.


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I quite enjoyed this, much more fun and better plot wise than the 2nd one. At least there were fewer tangents and unhooked threads... probably only a 6 but a fun, oh if it's on we'll watch it 6




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Saw this yes and it’s kind of meh! The whole series just doesn5 pull me in like the HP films, also I swear that Jude Laws accent kept changing from British and American very weird. Maybe when they’ve done all 5 as a whole it may be ok, but I don’t even watch the other two on repeat unlike the Potter films which are always on.


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What did I just watch? That was just completely incoherent. They totally ballsed it.

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