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If you want to share an ordinary phone handset on both your landline and VoIP line:

The phone will receive calls from both lines. Outgoing calls will default to one of the lines of your choosing, the other can be accessed by dialing #0 first. GATEWAY/SW520.htm

£25 from ebay.

Been looking for something like this to connect my DECT handsets to my Livebox for a while, hope it's useful for some people.


seems to be a cool idea, though bt sent me some fancy cordless phone as the phone included in the hub was out of stock, and apparantley that one can double as a home phone and a voip at the same time.


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What model fancy phone was it please?



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i want one of those but without the phone, so i can plug my normal handset in. More just like a switching splitter sort of thing. Does that exist?



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This is basically an ATA (analogue telephone adaptor) I have a Sipura SPA3000 (now linksys) and works a treat. PC doesn't need to be on and you can use your normal DECT phone.

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