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Recently swapped my 42" Panasonic series 4 for a 50" series 3(0) due to the annoying level of buzz fronm the 42" and the inability of Panasonic support to do very much about it.

Initially very pleased with the upgrade (the buzzing is far less evident), but after two days use (fragmented not continuous) the fans started and since then (regardless of period of use) haven't stopped.

I was quite careful to demo several units prior to the exchange and found the 50" to be the quietest of the three Panasonics.
It was clear that the fans were not operating.

I can understand the fans switching on as the panel gets hotter,
but not from startup.

Panasonic technical support were not very forthcoming with information, so I remain somewhat suspicious of the display models as to why their fans were not running.

Is there any information on the mode of operation of these fans (either continuous or temperature controlled) ?

I believe the effect they produce is accentuated by the fact that I have the panel on the wall, and have taken some steps to help reduce this.

Any other 50" Panasonic owners experience the same problem, or is it just my screen ?




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Aren´t the 42" Panasonics fanless(buzzing) in the SD models, but have fans(fannoize) in the HD models?

Joe Fernand

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That display model was faulty or had had the fans unplugged internally - not advisable.

The fans always run on the Panasonic 50" displays - all models and all Series since they introduced the 50" model.

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