Fanny Wang 3003. I like them...

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After you get your head around the name "Fanny Wang" (sounds like a ladies sanitary pad doesn't it), you can begin to see these are a great sounding headphone. I'd been seeing a lot about this brand over the past handful of months and how they were related to or derived from the Beats brand, so I kept reading about them, reviews and the like on the net,, and I think sub consciously that name (Fanny Wang) just got to me and whenever I had the chance to, I just kept reading about them and with all the good reviews and write-ups, I decided to buy a set of 3003's.

The top of the range 3003's have an inbuilt amp and noise cancelling accessable via a three positional switch => Off - NC - Bass. Off means no assistance of any kind,, straight through to the drivers, which now sounds yucky after using the No2 position NC (Noise Cancelling) which works great. No 3 Bass is a huge boost in bass which still sounds good but can be a little excessive, which I've heard described as for head bangers only - I agree... Normally I wouldn't go for noise cancelling as I might be led to believe that electronic noise cancelling of this type could wreak havoc on the music you are trying to enjoy,, but the NC does indeed work, and a treat at that. There are microphones inside and outside each driver housing measuring the difference of the surrounding noise and sending an inverse sound to cancel much of it right out,, or so I believe. Whatever,, it works. But the real surprise is when you are just sitting there with the 3003's on your head and no music playing,, just as I am right now while typing this.. My 40" Sony LED is about a meter and a bit away (approx 4 ft) away from me and the HT amp speakers are go at it as I watch a game of rugby and all I can hear is, well, sweet fanny adams, or is that sweet fanny wang - ahh so that's how they got the name - chuckle..!!! Now, if I flick that switch to Off, in comes the noise like I have no headphones on at all - amazing,, that's all I can say!!!

Sound - Boy these Fanny's can really make some nice sounds. Leaving that switch in the NC position produces some very neutral sweet sounding - ahh - sounds. No need for that extra bass, no need at all as there is plenty there already, we'll leave that to the head bangers. Throw any type of music at the 3003's and they will handle it with ease. I think these are even better that my Grado 325i's, or at least as good,, and they have killer looks to boot...

Worth every last cent...!!!

Jim Pixel

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Just an extra to the above post...

I've had them for a few weeks now and in addition to my above enthusiastic first post, I can only add that the audio experience just keeps on coming. The 3003's are indeed a source of continual enjoyment, amazing me at how versatile they really are. Two things can be said about them...

1. There is almost no need at all for the bass boost feature in the 3 way switch, as the middle setting takes care of it "all". I'll explain...
2. This headphone refuses to distort and any normal to high level of volume and audio editing abuse. Again, I'll explain...

What do I mean by the above, especially No2 statement..??

I use editing programs like Cool Edit Pro (older version), Adobe Audition and Sound Forge. Many mp3's are absolute garbage. I swear that many people just rip and abuse music CD's and have no real idea about trying to produce a reasonable quality mp3 song/music. Yes, I know mp3 is a lousy sound format but its also a very handy and acceptable format too. Many mp3's have to be finer tuned with audio editing software to produce a 'listenable to' audio file, otherwise they almost make you want to throw up. Some mp3's are just beyond saving and they are fit only for the recycle bin. However, Adobe Audition and Sound Forge can help ease the situation sometimes. Testing the abilities of the 3003, I have exaggerated some of the editing right across the sound spectrum of notes produced by various instuments, to see what the 3003's will digest and what they will disgorge,, and its extremely hard to upset the 3003's at any reasonable to abnormal amount over emphasising of any area of sound, be it in the lower part or higher part of the spectrum. None of the sounds are drowned out by too much bass or too much of the screaming levels of treble. My test guinea-pig was the Mike Oldfield Full version of Tubular Bells, some 26 minutes long and captured in FLAC and converted to mp3 at 48000/320. I played around with this track all lastnight and tried many different settings,, some too bassy and other just too trebly and no matter how I re-encoded it, the 3003's just digested it and sent the resultant sounds to my ears almost distortion free via my little Rega headphone amp. I have other brands of headphones which would have cried "enough" under those conditions for sure, including the Grado SR325i's which are super sensitive and faithful to most sounds but the one let down with them is that they do begin to distort when the volume begins to get higher. Of course, most of us would not listen to music at those levels but it goes to show you what they are capable of... The 3003's simply refused to yield and sent some very high volume sounds to my ears which were massively too loud but very clear...

I am impressed...!!!

Just the one gripe... You get a set of 2x AAA Energizer batteries with the phones which are supposed to last up to about 50 hrs before needing replacement. I decided to try some rechargeables, first Energizers, then Sanyo Eneloops. From a fresh charge the Energizers gave up after about 5 hours. At first I thought the Wangs had quit on me as the noise cancelling just switched off and I had no sound at all, except when I switched to OFF on the 3-way switch. Putting the normal AAA's back in set things right again. I then tried the Eneloops and after almost 3 days now, they are still going well. That's about 14 - 15 hours of use so far (yes 14-15 hrs. It's the weekend)... It's is a tiny bit of a pain needing batteries but I guess in this case, that is the "price to pay" for such lovely sound...

Apart from this aspect, nothing bad comes to mind with the Fanny Wang 3003's

Jim Pixel

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Just one more update...

It's been nearly 6 weeks now since I bought the FW 3003's so most of the initial enthusiasm and excitement should have disppeared so I can make a more unbiased assumption as to just how good (or bad) they are. I also finally got some sponge earpads for the Grado SR325i's, which I haven't really given a blowout for a good while now, so I base what I know upon a direct comparison to the SR's. Initially I thought the FW 3003's would simply clear off and outdo the SR325's but the 325's are no slouch. They get a good reputation from the fact that they are good headphones and I am still amazed at their performance.

In many ways, there is no comparison between the two as they are two competely different 'phones. I'll sum it up quickly...
The Grado SR325i is a great headphone which will reproduce anything put into it. The better the music source, the better your listening pleasure will be.

The Fanny Wang 3003 is also great but with the built-in amplifier, it can make a sows ear sound like a silk purse (is that the correct choice of words?). It loves the complete sound spectrum, from the deepest lows to the ear splitting highs and seems to love reproducing them all with ease and loud too.

The battery issue has been all but eliminated. I now use Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables excusively. Since we last spoke I am still on the same pair. These batteries are superb at holding their charge. They have a reputation for being the Rolls Royce of the rechargeables and they sure live up to it. I listen EVERY night to music for at least 2 hours, sometimes up to about 4 and they are still alive and well. That's just on one month and probably equals at least 60 hours,, more like 80 with weekends thrown in.

I just can't say enough for the 3003's. Best all-round headphones I own...


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tyvm for your updates, bought one of these and not sure if i should keep them


Mod comment.....keeping them would be your own decision.

This would not be the place to sell in any case.

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