Fancy Dress Ideas


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Got a fancy dress party in a few weeks, theme is the letter M.

Someone is going as Mr T and one couple M&M's

Ideally something that doesn't take too much effort so hire / buy rather than make but different

Thoughts So Far:

John McEnroe

Wife is going too so need female idea's as well :thumbsup:


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Madonna for your partner - that should be fairly easy.

McEnroe - I had a fancy dress party in the summer and one of my mates came as McEnroe, easy to find the relevant sports gear and he wore a white headband, brought a tennis racket.

Looked good.

EDIT : Michael Myers?


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dress up as a box of cereal and make it look likes it been brutally killed....

see if anyone can guess what your meant to be ..........

cereal killer :laugh:


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Cereal Killer, how's that an M? :facepalm::laugh:

A mate just texted a few options

Marge Simpson
Mr Strong - Could get a large red cardboard box :D
Miserable Sod :blush::rotfl:


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The Mask :D

Or Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Ahh, with a Silent M
? :p

lol maybe this was too complex for me.... i didnt get it

i sense huge face palmage coming up :thumbsup:

edit: haha i should have read the first post in full - bad habit these days hahaha

ok im lined up, take aim........

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