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Fancy dress ideas please

Ian J

The good news is that we were invited to a friends 40th birthday party but the bad news is that it's fancy dress :(

The theme is "two tone" as he's a great Madness fan and as usual my mind goes blank and I can't think of anything. Well I can - Blues Brothers" but that's about it.

Can anyone come up with something original please


Distinguished Member
You go as C-flat, wife goes as A#. Job done :)


You go as Tony Blackburn (generic DJ dress)
She goes as Toni Basil (generic cheerleader dress)

Two 'tones':clap:

Please yourself.:D


Distinguished Member
King Kong and Fay Wray?


Distinguished Member
You could go as two tons (one each) and spend the night apologising for the mix-up :)


Distinguished Member
Wikipedia said:

  • Japanese cruiser Tone (1904), Japanese cruiser employed during World War 1
  • Japanese cruiser Tone (1937), Japanese cruiser employed during World War 2

Okay I'll stop now.


How about a black top and white trousers for one of you and white top and black trousers for the other, forming a check when you stand together...

Solomon Grundy

Distinguished Member
I think you should stick to the theme and go in the same style as everyone else...don't forget the sunglasses!
Go as a black and white negative. Paint your face in inverted colours, wear grey clothes, white socks.. etc.


Distinguished Member
Obviously I dont know your friend,but seeing as he is a Madness fan and the theme is 2-tone could it not mean he wants you to come as the typical 2-tone fan?
Skinhead wear?
Maybe black suit(mod style),white shirt,black tie,white socks?
Black & white mini dress(for the wife)
How about Charlie Chaplin and your wife can be the time traveller with the mobile phone. That will get your talking to total random people. Just remember to get her to walk behind you a few times. ;)


Distinguished Member

i can see it now :)


Distinguished Member
Do what I do as soon as I hear the words "fancy dress" ... don't go :D


Distinguished Member
Actually I've just had another thought about what I would do in this situation. I'd just turn up in my normal clothes and say that I'd come as a miserable git :laugh:

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