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Hi folks,

in an attempt to waste more cash.. here's what i'm at :)

i bought an external usb fan/cooler for my ps3. It clips on the front on the ps3 and is powered from one of the usb ports. It has 4 * 40 millimeter fans in it but they are to loud (from me anyway).. so as an experiment i ordered two of these

Scythe Mini-Kaze 40mm Quiet Fan


Introducing Scythe’s quiet 40mm fan to help reduce the noise of your already quiet PC system. This fan is an ideal replacement for any 40mm chipset, external HDD case cooling fan and removable case cooling fan.

- Speed - 3500RPM
- Output - 4.11CFM
- Decibels - 14dBA
- Dimensions - 40 x 40 x 10mm

The fans in the cooling unit just have a label on them and are marked DC 5V. They are connected using two wires. silver and black. I am wondering when i get the new fans will i be able to just disconnect the old fans by cutting the existing wires and just connecting the new fans to the existing wiring?

The Scythe’s specs say DC 12v so i'm wondering will they work?


p.s i should probably have asked these questions before i placed the order..


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I dont see why not. Some fans arent able to be controlled by fan controllers. They just wont spin unless they have full voltage. If these are able to be controlled by a fan controller then i see no issues.

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