Question Fan noise... expectations?


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I have my consoles (and everything else), literally buried into my wall, and not easily accessible.

When playing TLOU2 on my original launch PS4 you could have been forgiven for thinking a 747 was about to rip through the side of the house.

What with the Series S having the gaping vent (and presumably a 120mm fan capable of moving a fair chunk of air), what are your expectations on noise levels put out by the S/X console under stress?

Does the lower SoC nm, and no doubt refined GPU tech mean they can push boundaries whilst remaining cool-ish?


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After the latest few consoles Xbox have put out, I have no concerns on this. I can count on one hand the number of times I've heard my One X in nearly 3 years of ownership. Xboxs engineering team are top notch.

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