any good??


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Hi I wanna order rabbit-proof fence from FBO. Just wanted to know if the shop is any good, service delivery..
It's got the lowest price. It also has a very funny way of credit card verification, which makes it look serious.
any comments?

Squirrel God

I've not used them before, but I read their credit card validation process and I noticed that it's almost identical to the one used by, which I described a while ago in this thread:

The only difference is that Atlantic DVD only charge one small amount to your credit card whereas FBO charge two small amounts. Looks like it's something that's becoming ever more common in Australia, yet EzyDVD still don't use it (which is a good thing I think, it just delays orders and/or puts people off).


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Excellent service, the credit card validation (which only happens the first time you use them) was a so what process, which does not affect my high regard for them.

Dave H

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Are they cheaper than Ezy Dvd with the same service :confused:

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