Family wants to move to sky, need a a bit of help.


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Right, me and my family are with NTL/Virgin and have been for years, but recently they have treated us like real crap...but anyway another story for another time.

Basically we want to move to Sky and use there TV, phone and broadband services. Eventually I will dish out for the HD box for my bedroom.
We even got them to price up the odds and we figured we'd save 52quid a month moving to sky.
But anyway... I was just wondering if there is any hints of tips to know about, that may help with dealing with them, or whatever.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, James


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I'd mention thaty you are considering Sky over Virgin when you call them up - see what thy can give you as extra.

I've had no real problems with them except for getting through to customer services - have to wait ages but I suppose most companies are like that.

A friend took out the broadband option and it hasn't worked which has annoyed her. But apart from that I've not heard any really bad things about them.

I do think Sky are a much better option than Virgin, they have so many more channels as standard. A friend pays the same as me but gets HALF the channels I do


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Yeah we rang BT as we used to have a line, and to get it re-activated it won't cost us a penny. I did mention that we were with Virgin and were thinking to change, and they offered us 2 sky+ boxes for the price of one, which was cool.

The internet is something I use the most, so I hope it's not too bad. As im paying £35 for a 10meg connection (no DL limit) at the moment, but I read that sky are going to go up to 16meg, with no download limit, for only £10 a month, which is a big difference.

I'm just sick of the way virgin have treated us, like they failed to mention that when I had a V+ box installed, I had to keep it for a year, but luckily they said, as I've only had it for less than a month, I can I have it removed with no charge.

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