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Hi All

I’ve just recently splashed out on a new Panasonic 50” Plasma (VT30) I’ve mounted it on a slimline Cantilever bracket purchased from M-Form. The TV and bracket are situation on the side wall of my chimney breast. This wall measure about 1400mm wide and the TV is 1200mm wide. I’ve got a Alpherson AV cabinet sitting on the floor directly below the TV which is also 1200mm.

My question is that I’ve been reading everyone’s false wall posts with interest and would like something similar.. Most have kept a clearance around the MDF and wall edge to aid backlighting etc, but looking at my situation it’s really doesn’t look possible as I’ve only got about 100mm gap between the side of my TV and edge of the chimney wall and sliding patio on the other side...

Would a narrower smaller false wall say 1000mm wall look really random and silly behind my TV (1200mm) so it would be wider by 100mm each side.. The original idea when I was planning it was based on a 42” TV which was recessed into the false wall, but I opted for a 50” so it’s all off sync now.. I’ve included a quick sketch to show what I mean.. It’s not to scale and I guess looking at it, the false wall is probably going to look a little more wider then actually shown in my drawing.

Opinions much appreciated.




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I think a wall that format makes the TV look oversize. In a large room that's fine or even good - but if the TV is already large for teh room it'll just make it look even bigger and out of place.


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The TV is quite large being a 50 incher and with the positioning beside the chimney probably makes it look deceivingly larger especially if we use the cantilever and pull it out..

Another option I have is not to have a gap around the wall and fit the false wall flush with the chimney breast and flush with the ceiling. Though going down that route I feel that nothing will line up and will be skewed as I suspect the chimney breast probably isn't straight and level!

I may go with the narrower false wall idea like I originally stated and see what it looks like and get rid if it looks wrong..



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