False Chimney Breast & Inset TV + Soundbar


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Hi there, :hiya: I thought I would share our false chimney breast with inset for TV and soundbar with others.
We searched for false chimney breasts before having this one built, and often saw this forum.
So here is ours, it might help give people ideas as every design is slightly different and I did get inspired looking at what other people had built themselves.
One thing we did find with having a chimney breast in a large room is that it actually seems to add depth, rather than make it feel smaller.
We didn't like the idea of having a TV on the wall over a standard fire, this is the ideal solution as you can put a large canvas print over the TV if you get fed up with seeing it. :)
Another huge bonus to having a fireplace like this is at Christmas it just seems to make the room more Christmassy...always a good thing if you are crimbo mad like us. :laugh:



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Looks great. Im just about to add a log burner. What hearth have you got?


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ill just be going for a log burner keeping it simples


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Thanks, no we didn't build it, we used a local builder and had a gas fitter fit the fire. Are you going to build yours? I don't think we could have built this ourselves at the time, but now we have watched it being built we might be able to next time...if there's a next time that is.

It beats a standard fire surround on a flat wall any day, having the false chimney breast really does change the room.

I hope yours goes really well, will you show us a photo when its finished?


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Hi there! I found this forum after doing a google search for fake chimney breast designs. I love your fireplace! It has to be one of the best I have seen. I am in the United States and want to take on a project much like yours. May I ask how long this took to build? What materials were used to build it? Hope you can help some? Oh' and I have saved the christmas image to use as my screen saver at christmas time as I think it is so stunning. My kids are not so gently encouraging me to build one so they can hang a christmas garland with lights and stockings.


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Hahaaaa thanks Ridelhigh, that is high praise indeed, although not sure its that good. LOL

When are you building yours? Christmas is coming up fast now, especially for us as we will put our decs up this weekend.

It took two days to build, and if you want to watch it being built...Google false chimney breast for video. We didn't build it, but you will get the jist when watching the vid.

Good luck with your build, and have a great Christmas!


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This looks fantastic! My chimney was boarded over when i moved in and i have just wall mounted my TV. But seriously considering this!


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Hi markgray86.

We were thinking of a wall mounted TV over a stone fireplace originally. I wanted a large stone fireplace when we first moved in, but my husband really wanted our TV on the wall. I couldn't see a stone fire with a TV above looking right.

I was so against the TV being on the wall at first, then we started looking at fireplace designs and saw chimney breasts with TV's above..we then both really wanted a chimney breast but never thought in a million years about faking one! It was the ideal solution, and a compromise was the TV being inset.

I was going to throw a picture over the TV because I thought it would spoil the look of the fireplace, and the room, but it actually doesn't. I'm pleasantly surprised about that.

If you have a chimney breast then you could possibly have a real wood burner, or open fire?

The only thing I don't know about is whether the heat is too much for the TV if you have a real burner? Probably something someone else can answer on here.

We thought about having a log burner but the flue would have had to be on the outside of the house, and we wouldn't have been able to get our bins down the side, plus it might have looked like a chippy! :-O

My advice would be to go for something like this as it really does make the room. And I have to confess hubby was right all along about the TV on the wall. Saves space, stops you creaking your neck to view the box all the time, and looks good if done right too.

Why are hubby's always right about these sorts of things? LOL


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With regards to a log burner, and the heat, I've been looking into it as we are planning this.

There's only one place in our room we can have a fireplace, and it happens to be in the middle of the only wall where the tv can go, so we have reached a compromise. I'm told that if you put some kind of mantel piece or shelf between the fire and the tv, that does a great job of deflecting heat. Having the tv inset also can help.

Here's a mock-up I made of what our wall would look like. That shows a 65" tv just now, but I have tried to allow for "future development"....... :)

That 4.75m is basically the wall space between two doors. The wall opposite this has a window on it, as does the one to the left, looking at the picture. The wall on the right has a large sun room door, so that's our only option.

I'm not planning on the centre speaker overhanging the shelf and melting. I may even put it above the tv, angled down.




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Our builder put in a shelf above the vermiculite board, not sure what it was but he said it would stop the heat somewhat. It might be overkill with our gas fire, but he said it is what he uses when installing a log burner.
He did say people do have TV's above them, and didn't know of any issues. But he did say having lights above a burner can be a problem...maybe the bulbs blow quicker with the additional heat?

Having a large beam which protrudes out a few inches is helpful too, we haven't noticed out TV getting hot at all, but I have no idea of the difference in heat between a gas fire and log burner. I would guess there is quite a difference though. I think it is essential that you set the TV in, both for looks and to stop the TV getting too hot.

Our TV is angled down slightly, we found a bracket which allows a lot of adjustment, and you can simply pull it out of the space for plugging in cables. My hubby put a lot of extra cables down the walls to try and future proof ourselves, there's much planning involved with these projects.

Your design looks good, its great when you can design your own and get exactly what you want. Its an exciting project.
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