Falling LCD TV prices a danger warns Sony

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Sony US President Stan Glasgow has warned that continued price erosion in the LCD market is damaging the entire consumer electronics industry. Sony, which has invested heavily in the technology with joint venture partner Samsung, has seen the retail value of its LCD screens plummet over the past year. Speaking in San Francisco, he stated [...]


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We are meant to feel sorry for Sony?
After years of overpricing their goods and getting away with it, now they are facing real competition from cheaper (and sometimes better) LCD sets that are now available.
Well I'm sorry Sony, welcome to the real world.

Tom Tom

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It does not help they have invested in just LCD and then put all there eggs in the PS3/Bluray venture.
Money is disappearing and being as how Sony screens are OK but not worth £3000 and are having to compete with the likes of LG as a lower price option
I would love to see Sony go belly up. Not cause I hate them, heck I have a PS1+2 and will get a 3 given time but the arrogance of it just gets up your nose, thats Why I would love to see MS go the same way, but we all know that wont happen


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Anything like this starts out really expensive and then over time the price drops as more and more manufactures develop their own technology.
Anyone remenber the price of plasmas when they first came out?

Sony will just have to get on with it. I am a big Sony fan, but if they want to stay competing they will have to get in line with the rest...


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Well is Sony two faced as this company Mirai is owned by SONY and they launched earlier this year boasting about bringing down the price of LCD TV's

See.... http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=441277

Also crave at cnet
This from Friday 3 February 2006

Mirai LCD TVs: New kids on the block

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Asian LCD manufacturer Mirai is better known for its computer monitors, but like many other companies it's getting bored of making displays for Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, and is branching out into the television market. Why should you care? Because not only are its new TVs officially 'HD Ready', they're cheap as chips too. Not only that, but the range stretches from a bedroom-sized 27-inch model right up to a 47-inch monster -- something that not even the big boys of the AV world can boast yet.
The 27-inch model that Mirai showed us looked generic in the flesh, but the HD Ready badge and � price tag certainly piqued our interest. Indeed, the 32-inch Olympic model isn't much more at �, and the internal processing has been slimmed so that the overall weight of the TV is a mere 13kg. While these TVs will launch here around April and May with an optional integrated Freeview tuner, the 37-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch versions will come slightly later and support full 1,920x1,080-pixel resolutions.
Mirai also hinted that it would have LCD TVs with integrated hard-drive recording in the near future, and we'll be keeping up with all the developments when it exhibits at the CeBIT trade show in March. Keep an eye on our Televisions review channel to see if they turn out to be LCD bargains. -GC

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