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Fake Sticks hows yours?

scott R

Active Member
I recently asked the mrs to order me a 4GB PRO Duo and ended up with the most blatant fake Sony, wrong packaging unmatching numbers you name it it has it, anyway it has a usable capacity of 3798MB and works flawless with each and every MB except for laggy write speeds from PC to PSP ive had no currupt data and its played everything ive chucked at it no probs even when full. After complaining i received a full refund from the seller with no hesitation so ive had a nice little freebie:D
So my question is how long have your fakes lasted ?


Active Member
with the fakes usually speed is the problem and my last fake one is still running for 2 years now. occasionally i loose some data but hey i only paid a fraction of the original price. its usually for games that i dont really care but play once in a while

Billy Hunt

Active Member
I just got one of these works great a 4GB card for £15 and genuine.
I'd never except a fake anything even if it did work apart from the fact it probably won't work for long, who knows what illegal organisation your funding.


Distinguished Member
I have two fake 4GB cards. Both work perfectly. I'm not going to pay stupid amounts just so I can say I have a genuine Sony card. There's more important things in my life than having a "genuine card" that is no different to a fake.


Active Member
its alright if the fakes actually work. i remember i bought one that couldnt retain anything more than 512mb, basically they emulate it to look like a 4gb but its actually a 512mb.

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