Fake/Dodgy iphone 3g motherboard?


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Hi just need to clear something up.

I bought a motherboard from the web and I opened the envelope to removed the motherboard.

I used my test screen to try and hook it up, but all of the clip on ribbon cable connectors didn't fit the ones of my test screen i removed from My personal iPhone 3g.

Any advice on why the connectors wont fit at all to this motherboard? Also the same problem is happening with the dock assembly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I've been looking around and it seems as though it may be a 3gs motherboard.

Ive opened my 3G and put this besides it. Also on the rear of the logicboard that was bought on the web, it has (c) 2009, and wasnt that when the 3gs was released? I hope ive been shipped a 3gs motherboard. But could someone analyse to tell me if it is? (Are the connectors on the 3g and 3gs the same size?)

(Mines phone is in its housing)




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Wait, that has the (c) 2008 on the dock assembly sticker. The 3GS was released on the 24th of june 2009...

That must be a iPhone 3g.
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Looks like ive paid for a 3g, and gotten a 3gs Logic board.

But i really need to know if the ribbon cable connectors are diferent sizes with the 3g and 3gs. All will be good then. ^.^

Thanks gkpm!

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