Fake, clone phones. Be careful, please!


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Hello Guys!
I'm addicted to flag ship smart phones, but I can't really afford them, so I'm forced to buy used ones.
Yesterday, I was going to buy a used Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra, for a fairly resonable £600.
Yes, I konow, I get, what I pay for, but still.
I just want to help for everyone, who does not konow, how to dodge these bullets.
They look identical/original, and the menu looks like |Samsung's as well.
The easiest way to spot a fake one, is through their camera.
You can find these fake ones all over the net, for around £600.
This guy selling these phones as clones on gumtree, at least.
New Boxed Note 20 Ultra
6.9 Inch HD Ready 720p Screen
2GB Ram
16GB Rom
Android 7
MTK6580 Quad Core CPU
Camera 8MP/5MP
Dual Sim/Sim SD Micro
Touch Pen
USB Cable
SIM Extraction Key
Protective film
Insured Free Shipping

All colours
12 Month Warranty
Exact Size Weight Shape as Samsung Note 20 Ultra Fits Genuine Case

Links to obvious fakes removed by moderator

In my opinion, these phones worth nothing. Not £149, and definitely not £600!!!
I opened this topic to show you what's out there.
There are lots of informations on you tube, how to spot a fake one, before you spend your hard earned money.

Happy New Year to Everyone! :)
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Happy new year to you too.

Thanks for sharing.

Personally I never buy anything of high value or anything from an unknown source if the item can be faked.

Best to stick to reputable sellers, registered UK business sellers on sites where buyers can leave feedback.

As the saying goes, if it's too good to be true...


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The Android version, ram, CPU and camera specification are all incorrect and glaring errors compared to what is posted on GSM arena

Links to obvious fakes removed for member safety


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Its brand new not used -you can't buy a Samsung Note 20 Ultra for £600.

It's not described as a Samsung - although the description could catch out thise who are not wary.


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Thanks for sharing. I didn't know they had any fake Samsung's about.

I've moved to Apple now but was considering buying a Samsung for my nephews birthday.


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Fake iPhones have been a thing for quite a while. A work colleague got caught out by one a few years ago and it was identical visually to the genuine article, even running latest ios. It was only when it started to fail and he took it to an Apple store that it was confirmed as a fake phone. They wouldn't let him leave the store with the phone, so he ended up £350 out of pocket.


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Fakes and clones goods are nothing new, often they're easy to spot and avoid if you buy new from a reputable known source/registered uk business. Never pay up front for anything off gumtree.

Lookalike goods aren't illegal as long as they're not sold as the real thing

We bought a camera that was styled like a go pro at a 5th of the price but it wasn't sold as a go pro, it had a different name. It lasted 1 week and the admin fees, duty, postage back to china, restocking fees were almost as much. Since then we've never bought from sites such as gear best.

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