Faithless - The Dance... anyone heard it yet?


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Any faithless fans here who have heard the new album care to comment? :)
Yes, it has it's moments, like all Faithless albums, I'm looking forward to hearing it at Glastonbury :thumbsup:

Interesting that the tv ad kicks off with Insomnia, then runs a disclaimer throughout the ad saying that Insomnia isn't on it !


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Interesting mix, couple of tracks that will kill live........

Need to give it another run and pay more attention.....

The only other comment I would make is that I really like Dido (sorry) but her tracks seem the weakest......once again need to listen some more


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Agree with the guys above
Eclectic mix as always from Faithless
Blancmange track is out of left field and Dido track is weakest on album

couple of floor fillers in between

worth a listen

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