Faith In Human Nature Restored


Remembered (1964-2012)
Faith in Human Nature Restored:

In Bristol today for a radiographer consult.....pop into the Apple store on the way back and pick up an iPad (for a gift). Promptly fell asleep on the P&R bus home. Wake up, get off bus and drive almost all the way home and realize I've left the shiney Apple bag on the bus. Drive quickly back to the P&R, but the bus I arrived on has long gone - wait until it retuns from a lap of Bristol some 40 minutes later - much to my frank amazment, the iPad has been handed to the driver.


:eek: That's fantastic :clap:


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Nice to see the spirit of humanity and the season is still there ;)

Jean Valjean

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i feel a tiny tim moment coming on.............

God Bless us.....Everyone

No honestly, the temptation would be huge for some people so class yourself as very lucky !

Ivor the Engine

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Clearly those who travel on buses have a greater level of decency. Had that been on the 5.30pm from Victoria it would have been a goner.

Nice to hear though. Makes me feel all festive. :)


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Very lucky indeed! there is hope yet!


Wow! Some faith has been restored......a great result!

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